Delphine Fern-Berrie

Noble Title: Baroness

Dominion: Lady of House Sancturos, Head of the Divine (Sancturian) 

Noble Order(s): Stag & Unicorn

Consorts: Nightling Duskblade

Delphine descends from the Wood Elf realm, a hidden place where only those of pure elven blood abide. Those who travel from here, whether cast out or chosen to leave, are known as “The Children of Green,” thanks to all Wood Elve’s close connection with nature. It is there that they worship all forces of nature, known as “The Divine.” (Sun, Moon, Earth, and Sky.) Also known as: Delfun, Lucree, Leyown, and Mielwen. Delfun, the sun divine, for which Delphine was named after. She and her younger brother, Lucerys, were the only born children to a pair of high ranking nobles within the elven realm. It was there that they ruled and resided. The wood elf’s law is minimal, though absolute. Those who commit any crime upon another of pure elven blood are cast away from their home and sent to the Realm of Legend, their memories stripped and left with nothing but longing for a home they cannot remember, similar to that of a fallen angel. For Delphine’s one hundredth name day, her younger brother plucked a pomegranate from a fruit stand within the city and gave it to her as a gift. Due to his lack of payment for the fruit, he was sentenced for his crime and cast out of his homeland, age and innocent intention aside. Delphine, despite honoring and obeying the elven law her entire upbringing, saw this as unjust. Thus, causing her to depart willingly from her home and be sent down to Legend, memories still intact. Upon reaching this new Realm, she quickly found her place and true purpose: To be and offer a Sanctuary to all those who are in need. She began to spread her elven Religion of “Sancturian,” the workshop of the Divine. As well as this, began her own noble union known as Sancturos, derived from their religion. Delphine took on her namesake’s legacy of Sun Goddess: DELFUN: “The mother who looks after all.” Thus, deeming her the head of the Religion within Legend and the head of Noble house Sancturos. Sancturos is divine, Sancturos is friend to all.