Yulvain Baltise

Noble Title: Countess

Dominion: Mistress of the Robes in the Queen’s Court, formerly Astorian House Menagerie, House Stormholm, & House of the Emerald Dragon

Belt Status: Knight of the Realm

Masterhood: Master Bard

Noble Order(s): Grandmaster of the Order of the Boar, Master of the Order of the Unicorn, Orders of the Mask and Stag

Consorts: Many (not all aware or willing) 

Yulvain Balstise came to the now fallen lands of Astoria, from her home country of Settar eight years ago. Born the first child to a wealthy merchant family, she brought her love for the finer things to that realm. To help keep her lifestyle and also foster a high society among the right people, she opened the realms first “social” tavern, The Maidens Song. Until the great cataclysm of Astoria her tavern was frequented by Kings, Queens and all other nobility of both the lands. Having grown up in a higher class home and having little or no interactions with the peasant class, she still does her best to interact and feed the poor unfortunates around her. She is known as one of the more wealthy nobles in the realm holding several houses and estates across the land. Her future endeavors will we solely focused on the propriety of the Baltise Academy for Etiquette and Manners.