Zuko Giant-Tackler

Noble Title: Archduke 

Dominion: Lord of House Warspite (The Lord of Lightning & Grimcult VII), Hand of the Queen 

Nonnoble Title(s): Mighty Spring Champion 

Belt Status: Knight of the Realm

Masterhood: Master Druid 

Noble Order(s): The Most Noble Order of the Golden Leaf

Consorts: Princesses Walla & Ru, the Daughters of Zuko

Zuko Giant-Tackler is of pureblooded Warspatian descent. Hailing from the Lion Worshipper clan, Zuko is the 7th Grimcult. Before the cataclysm, Zuko came from a wealthy family, but the lands of Warspite were in a period of disarray after the last Grimcult disappeared. Zuko showed a natural aptitude for magic, a trait not common among the descendants of the lion worshippers, and he excelled equally in combat. Neither his mother or father achieved Brotherhood/Sisterhood in Warspite, but nonetheless he was considered from good stock and worthy of wearing the white. Zuko was awarded brotherhood at the same time he claimed the mantle of the Grimcult. 

He scaled the great temple in Zee’El (Warspatian Capital) which had been sealed for 60 years. He broke into the temple and unlocked the vast stone doors. Upon doing so, the people of Zee’El flocked to the temple which had known nothing but shadows and ghosts since the last Grimcult left. When they entered they saw Zuko sitting upon the Bolt Throne. From that moment on he was known as the 7th Grimcult and the Lord of Lightning. Unlike his predecessors, Zuko kept his given name rather than changing it to Grimcult. He was instrumental in the Zukonian Restoration which saw the resurgent of Warspatian supremacy in the realm. 

He has served in many roles during his time in the Realm. He was the first Baron in Legend as well as a member of the first Kingsguard under King Archimedes. He also served as Warden of the Midlands and even as the 3rd King of the Realm of Legend. Currently he serves as the Lord of Lightning and Hand of the King.