Her Majesty the Queen

Castracia Regnant

Castracia Regnant ascended the Throne of Legend and dawned the Crown of Hera in December of year 10 of the common era (2022) taking over from her former husband, Bruener Sharpspear. Her Majesty’s achievements include being a Knight of the Realm, Member of the Most Noble Order of the Golden Leaf, and Master Druid. She is the former ruler of the Houses of New Ravinica and Starke. She currently resides within the Royal House of Stormholm.

The Noble Court


The Noble Court of Legend is lead by Queen Castracia

The Highest Ranking Noble is Archduke Zuko Giant-Tackler

The Noble Court is an unofficial name for all of the Nobles in the Realm of Legend. It is possible for a player to have one character be a noble and for another character not to be. In fact, that is normal. Nobles are organized into two different categories: landed and by virtue. Landed Nobles rule the Noble Houses, but Nobles-By-Virtue have their title for past actions, current deeds, or simply because their House fell into ruin. Every noble is a member of the House of Lords, but only the Landed Nobles may vote to veto proposals. Otherwise all Nobles vote on the bestowal of titles, noble orders, and the elevation of noble titles.

The Queen officially declares her court on December 4th in year 10CE. She has chosen:

As Commander of Her Majesty’s Queen’s Guard, Rasdak Recluse of House Stormholm

As members of Her Majesty’s Queen’s Guard, Sarek Goldenheart the Ice King of House Warspite and Sapph of House Stormholm 

As Patisserie and Cellarer, Countess Yulvain Baltise 

As handmaiden, Aurora of House Stormholm 

His Grace, Archduke Zuko Giant-Tackler, OGL, KotR, will continue to serve as the Realm’s Herald.