Guilds of Legend

Guilds are minor groups of individuals who have banded together for a common purpose. Guilds function within the Houses and may be a subset of a certain House or open to members throughout the Realm. Guilds do not possess land, but have a flag and may field as a group in games restricted to Houses. 

The Crimson Company


Guild Leader – Roran Nocks & Vonya Van Klief

This mercenary guild specializes in the expansion of land and territory! For a reasonable rate, you can hire them to succeed on any search of the wilderness. 

Cult of the Grimhad


Guild Leader – Josta Druzod

This guild is made up of those members of Mighty House Warspite that identify as Grimhadists. They are denoted by their Black Lightning Bolt rather than the traditional White Lightning Bolt. 

The Spartans of the Rhye

Guild Leader – Redav Von Kirathelle

This guild is made up of very few characters which belong to an ancient and fraternal organization modeled after the Spartans of Greece. Many reside within Mighty House Warspite. They will occasionally assemble under the order “Schema!” and will brag that all the Spartans there ever will be, already are. 

The Axefoot Clan

Guild Leader – Warchief Kracc Axefoot

The Conglomerate 

Guild Leader – Brasco Corveri (rumored) 

The Conglomerate is a nefarious and rumored organization which controls the crime within the Realm of Legend. 

The Underworld

Figure in the dark nightmare forest by DEVDES-LPZ on DeviantArt

Guild Leader – Dingo Zukonian (Rumored)

The Underworld is a function within the Realm of Legend. They are not entirely a guild, but also operate as one.