Lore of House Bendoria

“The Seadogs”

꧁ From an unmarked land in the north, beyond the rocky edges of Legend, a band of fierce
seafaring voyagers hoisted their sails and departed to the south in search of foreign riches. They spent
many nights at peace, though their peace would soon be interrupted. As they drew closer to new land,
they found their ship being attacked night after night by the ever-loathing merfolk. For once in their
lives, the raiders felt true fear. After many sleepless nights, the group decided it best to return home.
However, just as they began to turn the bow, Captain Grai’s brother, Fireclaw, spotted a large range of
land off in the distance. Perhaps their troubles had been a gift from the Gods in disguise. Their travels
led them to an open river-way with nothing but a clear path before them. The sailors knew an escape
from this one-way journey could result in an ambush of the natives, but the Captain Grai knew that
whatever waited for them in this new land would be worth it. For days they sailed along the narrow
pathway, careful to be sure their ship never collided with the ridges of the coast. Small villages along the
waterway were raided and pillaged to the core, leaving the people stranded and having to seek other
house’s protection from these new threats. It had been weeks since the crew's beginning adventure and

news of their arrival had spread all across the land. Towns evacuated in preparation, the peasant folk
taking what little they held precious and moving inland. It was only when the ship arrived in a vast
riverbed that they fully dropped their anchor. The men departed their vessel and began to take a formal
look around at this new land, their war dogs at their side. They hunted, fished, and replenished
themselves for the journey back to the north. It was then that the hound belonging to Captain Grai
himself, Bender, came running back to his master. He was howling and patting at the ground, a signal
that he had found something worth investigating. The group traveled forward on foot, leaving their ship
behind on the coast. It was then that they came across a large stone keep. Ivy and ranges of moss grew
along its cobbled walls. The windows held no light, the halls held no living. It was abandoned. A large
meeting was held that night back on the ship. Were they to return home to their snowy wasteland? Or
were they to settle here and start anew? The votes were tied up until the end when Captain Grai raised
his voice.

Here we will stand, was all he said.

That was all it took. The respect and adoration for their leader was enough for the stone cold raiders to
bend their will, as well as their knees. Soon there after, Captain Grai was named Lord. It took weeks,
months even, but soon enough the once crumbling keep was restored and both light and warmth filled
the halls once more, only this time a black flag hung on every wall. It was adorned with colors of teal and
violet, hints of silver stitched in-between. There, in the center, bore an image of a wave and a war dog.
The sea, from which they came, and the mighty hound which gifted them a new beginning, Bender.

From salt and stone, thus giving birth to the bitter house of Bendoria.

Baron Grai took on the role of Bendorian General and another took on the mantle of leader!