The Administration Board 2024 A-Term

President Hope G. 

Vice President Piper P.

Treasurer Paul J.

Secretary Jimmy P.

Sheriff Albert B.

Administration Board Rulings

AB Ruling 1-2022

Transfer & Sale of Artifacts in-game

Per a ruling by the Administration Board, the transfer and sale of artifacts in-game are approved with the following requirements:

All artifacts must be purchased or transferred because of an in-game transaction of Legend Coin or services. It may not be traded for actual currency or otherwise bought for services having nothing to do with Legend. The Shop & Assets committee must approve the sale or transfer and reserves the right to set a minimum price that must be paid.

Artifacts that are soul-bound to a House or Guild may not be sold or traded except with permission of the House Lord/Guild Master and Shop & Assets committee approval.

Consumable/limited use items may be traded freely.

This policy will remain in effect until amended or rescinded by the Administration Board.