The 2022 (9CE) Story Thus Far

This is an accounting of the story of Legend as it progresses in 2022. This will give just a quick snap shot of the roleplay events that have happened this year. 

1/3/2022 – The Lord Commander of the King’s Guard, Lord Fenner Threeswords, is dispatched with a small party to help reclaim villages left to fend for themselves after the cataclysm. The party encountered a gang of bandits known as the “Black Swallows” who have made themselves the de facto authority in the regions not directly under the King’s gaze. Despite the protests of Sir Kendric, Lord Fenner slaughtered many of the bandits and threatened death upon their families for failing to recognize the King’s authority. This has led the Black Swallows to call him “Fenner Warpath”. 

2/13/2022 – King Bruener ordered caravans of supplies to be dispersed throughout the Realm. Three caravans would travel the three roads of the Kisselle Region. House Stormwolf, led by Queen Castracia was to take the west road and deliver the goods. This road played host to a horde of heavily armed and greatly skilled goblins. The forces of Stormwolf were pushed back. Mighty House Warspite and House Lindholm were ordered to take the east road, but were unfortunately ambushed and pushed back by the Black Swallows. Only House Dodenskara, taking the center road, was able to deliver the goods. Their path was uneasy as it was through a great burial ground of ages past. The King has indicated that he desires all roads to be cleared in his name. 

2/27/2022 – The House of the Emerald Dragon hosted a tournament in honor of the coming of Spring and the Cherry Blossoms which bloom within their borders. Many fighters and competitors came from the Realm to participate, but in the end Archduke Zuko handedly took the mantle of victor and the title of Spring’s Champion. 

3/27/2022 – The Spring Equinox of Legend was held as it always is by the House of Lords of Legend. Peace was found within the realm for a time, despite some unrest regarding taxes. King Bruener has made the unpopular decision of allowing those within his inner circle to forego paying taxes. This was after Archduke Zuko made a public declaration that he would not be paying taxes. Many were elevated in title and Cress was made Lady Cress by the King and Lord Fenner was made a Knight Bachelor after winning the Dragon Tournament. Razdak became the Silver Wyvern for this Spring and Dame Allizia became a Master Hawk and Grandmaster Unicorn. 

4/10/2022 – Various holds and fortresses have been taken by the rabble since the cataclysm. The King has ordered them returned to their former owners or their heirs. Sieges ensued and in the end, many keeps and structures were reclaimed under the King’s banner. The King insisted on touring the countryside to see what had been reclaimed and his King’s Guard under the command of Lord Master Fenner Threeswords, was put to the test. They managed to repel the would be attackers and keep the King safe, but only barely. They must now make their way to a series of bridges to get the King back to Zee’El. 

6/19/2022 – The Heavenly and Demonic planes have become furious with the mortals who dwell within the Realm of Legend. Both believe they could do a better job of governing the Legendary Plane (where we live) and have named Champions for their cause. Sapph has been named the Heavenly Champion and made an Angel of the Heavens and Baron Jace Kristophson has been named Hell’s Champion and made a Demon of the Demonic Plane. Lastly, the Apostates, those neutral to the cause have chosen Lady Azaris as their Champion. A brief skirmish broke out, turning brother against brother and house against house for control of a weapon. The Heavenly War has begun.

Records lost to time…

9/25/2022 – The Realm once again gathered for the Fall Equinox event. Houses joined in tournament and court to win and celebrate accomplishments. HRM Queen Castracia was elevated to the permanent Noble Title of Duchess and Lady Cress and Baron Jace were made Knight Bachelors. Lady Cress was also inducted into the the Most Noble Order of the Golden Leaf. Sir Turk was the Fall ’22 Dragon and Swank is the Fall ’22 Hawk after placing 2nd in the Hawk Tournament for the 4th time. The Realm seems at peace. 

10/23/2022 – Beset upon by some ancient, mischievous gods, many of the Realm of Legend were twisted and turned into the shape of horrible monsters. Sir Turk was relieved of his flesh and made an undead abomination! What the lore keepers call …a skeleton. Archduke Zuko, more in touch with nature, was transformed into a vined, pumpkin golem. The Ice King became more ghoulish as he walked among us as a creature called “Frankenlee”. Lord Mak’Nok took on the visage of a troll as many others were twisted. A new band of warriors was able to beat them back and break the spell, thus ending the monster mash. 

11/6/2022 – The War of Heaven and Hell seems to have stalled for the time being. King Bruener was imbued with the power of the Heavens while Ragnar of House Stormholm received the demonic blessing. In the end, the forces of good triumphed over evil, but another issue has arisen. A young boy discovered the Realm Shard, a powerful crystal linking the planes together. He dropped it, releasing whatever power it held. Only time will tell what will come of it. 

11/20/2022 – While the war between Heaven and Hell may be at an end, the war in the Realm has just begun. All Nobles submitted to the claim of Castracia over the Crown of Hera, except Baroness Allizia. A brief skirmish broke out and in the end everyone submitted to the claim of HRM Queen Castracia of Legend… but Warspatians do not let deeds such as these fade quietly into the night. War is coming to the realm and soon. 

12/4/2022 – All Hail the Queen! Castracia is now Queen Castracia Regnant, Lady of Stormholm and the Realm of Legend, OGL, and Knight of the Realm (among others) and was crowned by Countess Yulvain Baltise, Master Boar. The coronation hosted the three houses of the realm as well as a number of freeman and mercenaries. The celebration and feasting was interrupted by a haggard assassin who was met with the Queens Justice. Unfortunately, Mighty House Warspite has had a shift in government. The Cult of the Grimhad now rules and took issue with the Queen’s decision as the assassin struck at a member of their House. Josta, the new Shadow Lord of Warspite declared war upon the realm. The entire realm. The black bolts of the Grimhadists now rule the land of lightning. Lord Josta even went so far as to toss the Warspatian banner on the ground. Sir Kendric of Corn and Brother of Warspite valiantly defended it. What comes next? Wait and see…