The Circle of Knights

The current Speaker for the Circle is Sir Spyder the Burned, Knight of the Realm

The Circle of Knights is made up of all the Knights of the Realm and the Knight Bachelors. Knighthood is a dual-status in that it is conferred to a character, but also to a player. Players that have achieved Knighthood are entitled to the trappings, titles, and prestige of Knighthood, but also to the highest standards of play. Becoming a Knight is not an easy journey. A player must serve for a minimum of a year as a squire/page (or achieve class masterhood) and have masterhood in a Noble Order. Once achieved the player may petition the Circle of Knights for the rank of Knight Bachelor. If approved the Knight Bachelor must spend six months to a year fulfilling the requirements to be finally elevated to the rank of Knight of the Realm by the Monarch (King or Queen).

Knights also serve as out-of-game mediators when necessary. Knights can often be denoted by their white belt or red w/gold trim if they are a Knight Bachelor. Although, because Knighthood is an in character accolade, many Knights will only wear their Knightly trappings when they are playing their Knighted character.

The Circle of Knights meets at the event prior to every Althing.

Past speakers – Sir Jacob St. George (2016-2019), Dame Allizia Ziamyra (2020-2023)

The currently active (higher order) Knights of the Realm are: 

Knight of the Realm Masterhood  Monarch & Date Line


Sir Kendric of Corn

Grandfathered  Archimedes (2014) Fireborn (Font)

Redwald (Squire) 

Sir Zuko Giant-Tackler 

Order of the Golden Leaf Archimedes (2014) Zukonian (Font)

Grai (Squire), Sour (Squire), Dingo (Squire), Ezerbef (Squire)

Sir Jo’Bide Euphori

Order of the Golden Leaf Archimedes (2014) Euphori (Font)

Sir Randani Van Klief

Grandfathered  Isaac (2014) Van Klief (Font)

Vonya (Squire)

Sir Turk Bloodwings

Order of the Golden Leaf Alive (2017)  Zukonian Achills (Page)

Dame Allizia Ziamyra

Order of the Unicorn  Reya (2017) Euphori

Kohzor (Squire)

Dame Castracia Regnant Order of the Golden Leaf Sage (2019) Castracian (Font)

Sir Sage Zukonian Order of the Griffon CoK (2021)  Zukonian

Sir Bruener Sharpspear Order of the Unicorn Sage (2021) Euphori

Dame Azaris the Red Order of the Boar Castracia (2023)  Euphori

Sir Spyder the Burned Order of the Griffon Castracia (2023)  Euphori

Sarek (Squire)

Dame Yulvain Baltise Order of the Boar Castracia (2023)  Castracian

The currently active (lower order) Knights Bachelors are: 

  • Master Fenner Threeswords
  • Master Nada Zukonian