Legend’s Video Library!

The Legend Arts & Sciences Guild prides itself on offering amazing classes, hosting excellent competitions, and ensuring that the arts and sciences are not left out of our medieval-fantasy recreation. Here you will find not only information about the medieval and ancient world, but also information relevant to combat, game history, game mechanics, and of course – ROLEPLAYING!

If the course instructor has M.OU or OU after their name it means they have achieved the highest honor Legend can bestow upon those who pursue the arts and sciences, the Noble Order of the Unicorn.

Click on the links below! & Enjoy!

Arts & Sciences Videos

The Medieval Tavern – Taught by Baroness Yulvain Baltise, OU

The Medieval Harvest – Taught by Baroness Yulvain Baltise, OU

Serving on a Legend Committee

Creating a Character Basics

Administration Board Videos