Weather you are brand new to Live Action Role Playing or have been playing for years, Legend LARP is excited to bring something new into your life and help you live your legend!



Where to Start

Legend’s first and most important rule is to HAVE FUN! 

Join us at one of our Upcoming Events


November 7th 12:30 P.M.

Legend Regular Event: Sampler Day

Join us for our next regular event. We will have a sampling of many of the things Legend has to offer. Come out and give it a try before our fall Campout.

 Carrollton Nike Park

13036 Nike Park Rd, Carrollton, VA 23314

Friday November 19th – Sunday November 21st

 Fall Campout 2021: Fall of the Giants

This weekend will be packed with sword fighting, spell slinging, and all day roleplaying.

4H Airfield Campsite 

Wakefield, VA