The 2024 (11CE) Story Thus Far

1/14/2024 – A noble quest unfolded as a commission was set forth to the realm—capture a Mighty Dire Scorpion destined for an alchemist, tasked with concocting a cure for a devastating disease plaguing the countryside. Amidst a dense wood, a tempest of Air Elementals unleashed chaos upon the group, but were swiftly overcome. Suddenly, Rogue Bendorians emerged, warning of the creature’s intended use by the malevolent Aberrant Uzzlezesh. In the ensuing turmoil, the Rogues attacked, inadvertently unleashing the creature’s power. The cage shattered, leading to the demise of both the Beast and the Rogue Bendorians. Dame Allizia, in the chaos, extracted the sting, claiming the Wrath of the Desert.

1/28/2024 – As word of disease spread through the realm, a member of House Stormholm came to seek aid, Count Sapph had fallen ill. A seeming descent into madness was causing him to lash out indiscriminately, even turning against his own House. The Realm was enlisted to assist, encountering a pack of werebeasts as they followed their Stormholm guide to Count Sapph. In the chaos, Porjak of House Bendoria seized an opportunity to fulfill an outstanding bounty on Zuko Giant-Tackler, sparking conflict between House Warspite and House Bendoria amidst the battle with the encroaching werebeasts. Upon finally locating Count Sapph within an encampment, the scene was grim. He stood among fallen members of Stormholm, donning a silver wolf mask, claiming to embody the long-forgotten Wolf God, Eliya. Count Sapph’s eerie transformation and cryptic proclamations showed a deeper struggle within him, as he vacillated between identities. In a desperate plea for release, he begged for his own demise before vanishing into the dense surrounding forest.

2/11/2024 – Every one hundred years, the lightning spirit Zephyrion emerges to reek havoc on the lands of Warspite. He is a descendant of the Elemental Lords of old and even the cataclysm did not destroy him. There are four lightning rods within the Emberwood that can contain his power and make him vulnerable enough to defeat. Uzzlezesh’s power has brought him forward early. A trade caravan that was cr0ssing through the Emberwood of House Warspite was caught between a bandit attack and the power of Zephyrion. Meanwhile, a group of adventurer’s raided the Library of Tharum. In the end, Zephyrion was defeated by those activating all the lightning rods. Nightling was given the Greatsword of Emberwood as a reward for his service during the battle, while the adventurers made off with dozens of magical scrolls from the Library.