Safety Team

Legend is happy to provide a fully trained safety team. By no means a replacement for EMS, our safety team is trained in first aid & CPR and have a large supply of medical equipment. The safety team never operates beyond their scope and will always call 911 for any issue they cannot handle. 

The safety team also helps designate areas of play as unsafe and takes temperatures during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also ensure that water is consumed by all players to ensure hydration. 

They can be denoted by the orange/white striped belt flag. 

Policy & Procedure

Safety Team Flow Chart

Legend Policy – Fire Safety


Interested in joining? Contact them with a picture of your certifications. 

Current Team (2024)

  • Team Leader – Bryan J. (VA Registered Nurse) 
  • Michael S. (Certified through National CPR Association) 
  • Member – Alyce J. (Certified through FirstAid For Free) 
  • Member – Daniel V. (Certified through the U.S. Army CLS program) 
  • Member – Albert B. (Certified through Red Cross) 
  • Member – Chad P. (Certified through ASTI)