The History of Warspite begins 600 years ago, when the first clans stepped through the Magna Portals to the land which we call the Realm of Legend. 

The Magna Portals – These great gateways dot the landscape of Legend and the lands of Warspite. These portals bring many beings and cultures to the Realm of Legend and beyond. 600 years ago, the portals opened and brought many beings into the land that would become Warspite. The Portals are now lost or the knowledge of how to use them has been lost. Only a Wayfinder is capable of activating them and using them. The Seven Clans of Warspite Although there are many peoples and creatures that came through the portals to Warspite, seven were the most dominant. Through war and treachery, they were forged into one being. Mighty House Warspite.

o The Men of Terra – The most predominant clan of Warspite came from Terra, more commonly known as Earth. What are considered Ancient and Medieval factions came through in droves.

o The Elven Star Empire – The Elven Star Empire was another faction that bounded through the portals into Warspite. This faction was instrumental in the exploration and expansion of Warspite.

o The Dwarven Holds – The Dwarven Holds were one of the most important factions to Warspite. For their leader was Grimcult the Uniter. They are few and far between now – mostly extinct. They disappeared with the second Grimcult.

o The Lion Worshippers – The Lion Worshippers have their roots in many medieval factions. The Lion Worshippers are the most frugal of Warspite and generally hold positions of high importance, nobility, or power.

o The Dragon Worshippers – The Dragon Worshippers have their roots in the great heroes of yore. Many Brothers of Warspite who are descended from this line go on to be the heroes of myth. 

o The Cult of the Fox – The Cult of the Fox is the clever clan of Warspite. Although the smallest in number (other than the dwarves) the Cult of the Fox generally serves as the spies and assassins of Warspite.

o The Dead Ravens – The Dead Ravens are an extinct clan. Their destruction at the hand of the other clans under Grimcult the Uniter is directly related to the creation of Warspite as a united people. They were led by Avred the Deceiver.

Brothers by Battle – Not all those who wear the colors of Warspite are descended from the clans of Warspite. Those who have committed to our way of life and accepted our culture as the true way are accepted as Brothers by Battle. 

Grimcult the Uniter – The Leader of the Dwarven Holds was a Warlord named Grimcult. He was instrumental in promoting peace and brotherhood between the clans. When Avred, leader of the Dead Ravens attempted assassinations (and succeeded on some) on the leaders of the other factions he rallied the others. Under his leadership and victory over Avred, he was proclaimed the true leader of Warspite. His name is now revered by all and deified by some. The leaders of Warspite that came after him take the name Grimcult in place of their own. The current Grimcult is Zuko and he is historically the 7th Grimcult. 

Worship of Grimcult – Grimcult the Uniter was deified (made a god) by those that came after him and his name is passed down to his successors. It is a state religion to honor Grimcult the Uniter as the divine power of Warspite. Not all the members of Warspite believe in Grimcult as a deity and some believe that he is nothing more than an honored founder. Others believe he is truly a god and his power are passed to his successors as an Avatar. Many in Warspite are somewhere in the middle – as with any religion. Leadership of services in reverence are led by the members of the Order of the Tempest but are not required by those who reside within Warspite’s borders. Even still, there are outliers who believe in a more extreme version of the religion – the Cult of the Grimhad.

Cult of the Grimhad – The Cult of the Grimhad is adhered to by those that do not acknowledge any of the successors to Grimcult. They can commonly trace their names to the original families of Warspite and tend to scoff at those not of what they call pureblood. The Grimhadists as they call themselves, will avoid attacking a Warspatian at all costs – the exception being the “fake Grimcult” as they see it. Grimhadists always believe in the divinity of Grimcult. They wear black lightning bolts in place of white.

Avred the Deceiver – Avred was the leader of the extinct 7th clan of Warspite, the Dead Ravens. Avred used his charisma and trickery to kill or mortally wound many of the leaders of the other clans. He was almost successful in his takeover, but there was one leader that was not so easy to kill. After Grimcult the Uniter rallied the other clans, he pushed the Dead Ravens into a small town in the wastes called Zee’El. The arid landscape matched well with the uncertain future of Warspite. The battle came to be known as the Battle of the Bleak. The united forces defeated and killed all but one of the Dead Ravens, Avred. He was presented to Grimcult and demanded a Trial by Combat. He won and was set free but was banished from the lands that were now home to Mighty House Warspite.

Era of Might – For nearly 600 years Warspite endured with strength and unity. The 2nd Grimcult had led most all the Dwarven Holds through the Magna Portals to unknown lands, but their solid foundation built the Mighty of House Warspite. Zee’El was made the capitol and from the palace there, the Grimcult ruled – guided by the War Council of Brothers and Sisters.

Blood & Brotherhood – In the Lore of Warspite, every member of Warspite is a soldier first and a worker second. The various trades and professions of Warspite are as diverse as those that make up its essence – very few are full time warriors. As well, Brotherhood is rare within the borders of Warspite. It is not uncommon for some families to have no immediate relatives who hold the rank (in terms of lore) and most of the people within Warspite (estimated 60,000 before the cataclysm) hold the rank of Acolyte. Families that can trace their roots to the founding of the great nation are sometimes considered pureblooded Warspatian and those who join later in life are battle-brothers. Some Warspatians, especially those attracted to the Cult of the Grimhad, believe that pure bloodlines are those most qualified to lead Warspite.

The Black Beast – Around 60 years ago Warspite began to fall into ruin. Grimcult VI went missing. It was a time of great despair and Warspite fell from its former glory into fantastic ruin. No documents record what exactly happened to cause this destruction, but song and story tell us of a black beast that destroyed Warspite. Some scholars believe that the black beast is a celestial being, others believe it was a plague, but a minute fraction believe it was Avred returned. Warspite stayed in despair until Zuko claimed the seat of Grimcult and rebuilt the House piece by piece. There was even a song written about the Black Beast. It is most commonly sung at funerals.

Zukonian Era – 10 years ago (at the time of this writing) a young druid scaled the walls of the long empty Palace of the Grimcult and claimed the seat for himself. Zuko Giant-Tackler named himself Grimcult and started to reunite the people of Warspite and reignite the flame of power. He quickly cemented himself as one of the most powerful (and dangerous) figures in the Realm of Legend and in Realms beyond that. In the last few years, Warspite has gained power and shaped the face of the Realm for the best. Showing mercy more often than not, Grimcult’s Chosen (a common name for members of Warspite) have also rid the world of the unworthy and the evil. The strength and pride of Warspite have never been stronger. Zuko even served as King of the Realm for quite some time before refocusing his efforts on those most important – Warspatians. 

It was during Zukonian Era that the house was named “Mighty” by King Alive Stae’Un. 

The Cataclysm – The cataclysm claimed the lives of 90% of Warspatians. Not just Brothers & Sisters, but acolytes, and families. In a storied fashion, Zuko ordered Bruener Sharpspear to close the gates to the capitol city of Zee’El as the world burned and broke around them. A shield emanated from the palace of Zee’El and protected the city, placing each member to sleep. A year later everyone awoke to find Zee’El in a forest instead of a wasteland, but tragically they also realized they had lost their homeland. Zuko disappeared for a time and Allizia and Bruener shared the mantle of Lord of Lightning. Bruener serving as King until recently. Now, with Bruener’s folley, the Grimhadists have taken control of the House.