The Noble Houses of the Realm of Legend

Legend is made up of Noble Houses which can all vie for the throne of Legend! Each house can gain land, assets, and riches. They can broker peace, betray alliances, and wage war against each other. Houses afford players the opportunity to band together under a common theme and banner. Houses are distinct and unique from one another and may or may not be open to new members. You can always create your own! The Noble Leaders of these Houses make up a group called the Landed Nobles. Landed Nobles are permitted the power to veto rule changes and group proposals if they feel it is not in the best interest of their House to permit that rule. The House of Lords frequently host events and give noble orders, titles, and accolades to worthy and deserving characters!

House Bendoria “The Seadogs”

“For dog or for death!”- Motto

Baron Dingo Zukonian is the Lord of House Bendoria

House Dartheim

“Conquer and destroy even when in shambles!”- Motto

Lord L’Yaga is the Lord of House Dartheim

House Dodenskara

“No pity. No remorse. No fear.”- Motto

Lord Thwacc is the Lord of House Dodenskara

House Sancturos

“Intuition and bravery throughout life and death!”- Motto

Baroness Delphine Fern-Berrie is the Lady of House Sancturos

The Royal House Stormholm

“Blood rains down as we rise up!”- Motto

Queen Castracia is the Lady of House Stormholm and Monarch of the Realm of Legend.

Mighty House Warspite

“There can be No Victory with Compromise!”- Motto

Archduke Zuko Giant-Tackler is the current Lord of Lightning