The Story of 2023 (10CE) 

1/15/2023 – War! War has broken out amongst the Realm as the forces of Mighty House Warspite, recently undergoing a shift in government, march against those loyal to the newly crowned Queen Castracia. The Grimhadist forces (Warspatian zealots) moved into territory protected by the queen. The was no mere raiding party, but a hearty force of Warspatian Brothers. Fortunately, scouts provided the Queen with advanced warning and she was able to fortify her position. While Mighty House Warspite was able to beat them in the field, no ground was truly gained. Unfortunately, the fortification, aided by Bendorian and Dodenskaran mercenaries, drew attention away from other parts of the realm which need the Queens protection. One of these territories, effected by the Realm Shard, began to relieve an experience long since past… and forgotten. The Jabberwocky and the Vorpal Giant came upon the land again. Thankfully they were swiftly defeated as Ragnar of House Stormholm slew the Giant and others killed the Jabberwocky. 

1/29/2023 – War continues amongst the Noble Houses of the Realm as Mighty House Warspite has declared war on all of the others. The army of Warspite now moved against House Dodenskara. Dodenskaran scouts had not only reported the army moving on them and allowing them to fortify, but also enlisted the help of mercenaries of a nearby tavern. Mercenaries that included a powerful troll. Warspite had a trick of their own and had captured Kalfor Hornbeard, a cleric in service to Dodenskara. He was eventually freed by two members of the Bendorian Seadogs, but in the end the forces of House Dodenskara were driven off and their tavern burned to the ground. A slight they were not take lightly for sure. 

2/26/2023 – A short lull in the war has brought many out from the villages and towns that make up the unaffiliated regions of the Realm. A new house, a house of pirates and mercenaries has laid claim to land and proclaimed their leader, Grai, their lord. Lord Grai, who serves as Squire to Archduke Zuko, led his forces bravely into several skirmishes around and about the Realm Proper. They engaged many from various houses and made themselves known. The Bendorian Sea Dogs is what they call themselves and they claim the Noble House of Bendoria as their seat. 

3/12/2023 – The Realm is quiet. The drums of war have stopped. What was once looking to be a war boiling over has dropped to just the simmers of battle. 

3/26/2023 – The Realm comes together under the Banner of Queen Castracia and the Spring Equinox. Master Swank achieved victory in the Order of the Dragon Tournament as well as becoming a Warspatian Immortal (House Knight). Brother Nada of House Warspite conquered the day in the Order of the Hawk tournament, notable as being his first time using a bow. A natural! Juniper Freeleaf of House Bendoria prevailed against steep competition in the Order of the Unicorn Spring event. That wasn’t all for House Bendoria as Seaoni won the Silver Wyvern Tournament. Most notably, Azaris the Red was elevated to the Rank of Knight of the Realm by her Majesty. Allizia, Jace, and Kracc were all raised to the Rank of Count and Sapph fought a trial by combat to become a Baron. A wonderful day! 

4/9/2023 – A shifting hedge maze and a dastardly druid began wreaking havoc on a village within the Realm. Parties of adventurers were dispatched from across the Realm to deal with it. Apart from a rather nasty crop of Field Creepers and some other beasts, the Druid was quickly dispatched and peace restored. 

4/23/2023 – A peasant revolt and escaped prisoners were the work of the day. The Knights were charged with bringing them to justice and placing them back into the Queen’s Dungeons. Sir Bruener, atop a mighty steed, quelled many of the rabble. In the end, the Knights were unable to quell the peasant revolts and only time will tell what this has wrought. 

5/6-8/2023The Revenge of Tharum campout event! 

5/22/2023 – Man-eating penguins. There were many man-eating penguins in the northern stretches of the Realm. Poachers and freemen alike traveled there to slaughter these penguin monstrosities. In addition, in a quarrel over a raiding area, House Dodenskara attacked House Bendoria by sea. Despite superior ability with magic and the arcane arts, Bendoria prevailed through sheer force of will and arms. 

6/18/2023 – Squire Nada of House Warspite, prevailed as the first Champion of Legend after winning the Solstice Tournament. 

7/16/2023 – Peace for a change. Archduke Zuko proclaimed himself Lord Regent of the Realm, despite the Queen’s objections. There have been no outbreaks or skirmishes, but House Bendoria has not forgotten the attack on their ship. 

7/30/2023 – A change in house leadership took place in Bendoria, the Baron Grai now handing off his role to Lady Delphine. As the Queen made her announcement, a rather twisted and deformed…man? Began to create quite the uproar. From throwing insults against the, “Once Mighty House Warspite,” to even going as far as to throw his drink onto the newly bestowed Lady of Bendoria, there was no lack of disrespect. Both the Queensguard and the Selkie-Guard were quick to handle the far too escalated situation, but what became of the incendiary is unknown.
8/13/2023 – A series of quakes drew the Realms adventurers to a large field that continued to rumble under their feet. The ground around them sank, leaving them stranded in the center of a massive crater. Creaking could be heard from tunnels that formed all around the crater’s base. The adventurers started clearing the caverns of monsters made of root and stone. As the reached the furthest ends of the caves, they felt the ground start to shake again and monstrous noises coming from the mouth of the cave. They returned to the crater to find a kraken like creature made entirely of roots. After killing the creature, the ground stilled and the adventurers used its corpse to climb out of the crater
10/22/2023 – Attacks on the harvest crops of the Realm forced champions to come out to defend them! Roving bands of brigands went from patch to patch smashing pumpkins and squashing the squash. Due to the proximity of All Hallows Eve, monsters began to roam the wilds. Some helped the brigands and some fought against them. In the end Baron Grai Zukonian staved off the attacks and his soul became infused with the spirit of All Hallows thus making him The Spirit of Halloween! 
12/3/2023 – House Bendoria marched on Mighty House Warspite, burning fields as they went. The Queen delivered a royal proclamation against them and Archduke Zuko commanded their immediate surrender. They persisted and marched on a castle located within Warspatian Territory. They were met with a force of the Queen’s Men and a host of Warspatians. Despite intense fighting, Warspite won the day and pushed the seadogs back to the water. 

12/17/2023 – Mighty House Warspite, marched on House Bendoria in recompense for their previous attack. Although the Warspatian scouting party was ambushed and Lord Nada capture, the day was still a victory for the Brotherhood of the Bolt. Warspite burnt Bendoria’s newly built barracks to the ground. Santus, the original Ice King has returned to claim his throne with his army of Aberrant Elves. Through portals of snow & ice, the brother of an ancient evil storms into the Realm of Legend. The Realm, led by the Lords of the Realm, banded together to defeat him! He was put on ICE! …until next year.